How pellet stove work?

Pellets from the hopper are dropped in to the fire box. The initial lighting is via a glow plug located behind the fire box. The room air is drawn through the heat exchanger and returned to the main room. An exhaust fan draws air through the fire box and around the heat exchange to maximize the heat transferred to the room. The Elite HE Series less than 7% of the heat is loss up the chimney. The Pellet Heater’s electronics automatically controls its operation based on the desired room temperature and power level selected. It controls the;

  • Amount of pellets loaded

  • Room air fan speed

  • Exhaust air extraction

Heater Functions:

  • Pellet loading: The auger drops pellets into the firebox

  • Room Air: is drawn through the heater exchanger.

  • Ignitor: Superheats the air to ignite the pellets.

  • Exhaust Fan: Draws air through the firebox and heat exchanger and discharges through the flue.

  • Safety First: With electronic controls the pellet heater performs regular safety checks to ensure the heater is burning efficiently. Turn off the heater and the fire is out within 3 minutes.

  • Simple to Use and Clean: With Push Button start and Shutdown, the only time you open the door is empty out the small amount of cold ash from the fire box. The hopper holds an entire bag of pellets, simplifying fuel loading. No more dirty wood, smoke or hot coals entering your room.


Pellet heaters have an auto ignite function: push button start, or program timer start. There is no need to open the door to light the fire, to load more fuel, or to stoke the fire. This means no smoke or smell entering your room, no carting of logs indoors, and no chance of hot coals falling from the firebox.

Low Maintenance / Low Labour:

The ash produced by the pellet heater is minimal. The fire box or braizer should be cleaned daily but the ash tray can be emptied once per week or less. Pellets come in convenient 15 kg bags. Artel Pellet heaters have a hopper that will take a full bag and provide anything from 7 to 28 hours burn time. So no more cutting and splitting wood, no more loading the fire every few hours, no more removal of the cold coals. Just sit back, relax, watch the flames flicker and enjoy the consistent, thermostatically controlled heat. The Remote Control allows you to set the desired temperature and power output from the comfort of your armchair or the couch.

Cost effective:

The electronic control of the pellet heater includes push button /programmable start time, pellet frequency loading, speed and quantity of air emissions from the combustion chamber, and fan speed for flue discharge, as well as programmable shut down time. The time from start up to the desired temperature and also shut down time is very quick therefore minimizing fuel wastage. The ability to program two run cycles (for example 7am to 10am and 5pm to 10pm) allows you to wake up to a warm room without burning wood all night. The controlled and consistent flow of pellets and consistent heat output reduces fuel usage and therefore removes the significant heat variations associated with solid wood fires as the logs burn.


Pellets are manufactured from sawdust that is a waste product from sawmill and timber operations. The manufacturing of pellets provides a productive use of this waste product. There are no additives or filler. The pellet is “glued” together using natural Lignin present in all wood. Pellets have a consistent structure and moisture content (6- 8%) resulting in predictable heat value, unlike wood logs which can vary greatly in terms of structure, moisture content, density, and therefore heat value.